Hello and a very warm welcome to our school.

Cork University Hospital School is a two-teacher school that provides educational support to patients at Primary and Secondary school level. We have a vibrant and inviting classroom where we aim to provide personalised, challenging, enjoying and innovative learning opportunities. We also offer teaching by the bedside for patients who are unable to attend the classroom. We strive for high quality learning while also prioritising and supporting the well-being needs of our students. We plan alongside the pupil’s home-school, in order to ensure continuity and enjoyment for each individual pupil, so that disruption to children and young people’s education is minimised and academic progress can continue, as far as medical circumstances permit.

The Hospital School firmly supports the understanding that high quality education requires the collaboration of the school, the student, the family and caregivers, the medical teams and the broader community. Whether you are a pupil, parent, colleague, nurse, doctor or visitor, we invite you to browse our website to gain an insight into our teaching environment.

We look forward to meeting you,

Laura Woods

Vision: To provide age-appropriate Education, in line with curricular guidelines for all our students in a supportive environment. We wish to foster all our students equally and hope that they will leave our school with enhanced self-esteem and look back with fond memories of their time in hospital. It is our aim that children who are enrolled carry on with their normal studies and keep up with the curriculum in a child-centred, caring and compassionate way. 

“Ní neart go cur le chéile”