What To Expect At Our School

Parents and children are often surprised to discover there is a school in the hospital!

However, they quickly realise that school in the hospital is a very warm, inviting and fun place to learn and make new friends. When children are in our school, they are enjoying themselves so much they forget that they are even in hospital.

  • Each morning one of our teachers will visit you on the wards to tell you about the school.
  • If you feel up to it and are well enough, you will be invited to come to the classroom.
  • Educational packs are given to students who are unable to come to the school.
  • For children who are feeling up to it and unable to come to the classroom, we will provide bedside sessions to ensure you do not miss out.
  • We facilitate virtual music sessions from a company called ‘Kids Classics’.
    ‘Kids Classics’ is a music experience that brings together some of Ireland’s leading professional musicians in an educational, fun and interactive experience for children. A group of professional musicians conduct music workshops via zoom, one of our teachers will come around and provide you with an iPad and earphones to ensure you can enjoy the experience from the comfort of your own room. Mum and dad can even join in on the fun too!!
  • We have a varied range of books and students are welcome to borrow any book they wish to enjoy.
  • We provide a range of learning experiences such as competitions, specific subject weeks, workshops and many more, creating a rich learning environment to help all our students realise their full potential
  • If you are in hospital during your state exam, you can complete your exams here in the school. We can contact your school and organise everything. All you have to do is to concentrate on doing your exam and we’ll do the rest.
  • You know what the best thing about our school is….? There is a no uniform policy, yes this means you can come to school in your pyjamas and dressing gown!!